Esophageal Atresia and Tracheoesophageal
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Families EA/TEF index (index.html)


         -overall goal (brief)

What is EA/TEF? (whatis.html)

         -introduction to EA/TEF

The issues of EA repair (issues.html)

             a. other birth defects

             b. prematurity

             c. the gap length

                 -figures 2,3,4 w/legends

Treatment (treatment.html)

         -basic operation

         -figure 5 w/legend

         -the long gap situation

             a. true primary repair

             b. stimulating esophageal growth

                 -figure 6 w/legend

             c. esophageal substitutions (interposition grafts)

Goals (goal.html)

         -overall goal (complete)

a. the treatment plan

b. post operative problems

i. GE reflux

ii. strictures

iii. oral aversion

             d. tracheomalacia

             e. the final step

The long term (longterm.html)

             a. overall goals (in depth)

             b. esophageal function

             c. GE reflux

             d. the very long term

 Additional references (references.html)

         -additional reading (references)

Contact information and other Resources (contact.html)

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